Abstract designs for whatever use

Instructions for Downloading Clip Art
  • Click on thumb nail image
  • Can also right click on thumb nail and choose save target as...
  • This will open a new window
  • Right click on image
  • Click on save picture as...
  • Save it to a location on your own hard drive
  • Some art can be purchased and downloaded as other file types ($2.00USD per image). These images will have purchase links under them. Terms of use for purchased clip art.
  • GIFs and PNGs are still free
decoration 11b decoration 11c decoration 11d decoration 11 e decoration 11f
decoration 11g decoration 11h decoration 11i
09f 09a 09b 09c
09d 09e yellow.png (17701 bytes) darkyellow.png (16152 bytes) orange.png (9821 bytes)
green.png (19501 bytes) decorations08e.gif (11880 bytes) decorations08d.gif (8919 bytes) decorations08c.gif (7867 bytes) decorations08b.gif (6853 bytes)
decorations08a.gif (5407 bytes) decorations08f.gif (8674 bytes) decoration702.png (20880 bytes) decoration703.png (32282 bytes)
decoration704.png (44134 bytes) decoration705.png (37138 bytes) decoration706.png (37649 bytes) decoration707.png (47327 bytes) decoration708.png (32853 bytes)
decoration709.png (73022 bytes) decoration710.png (61930 bytes) decortions07o.gif (34997 bytes) decortions07n.gif (6941 bytes) decortions07m.gif (4235 bytes)

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