It came from the 1971 Sears Catalog!

I found this Fall 1971 Sears catalog at an estate sale. Estate sales are where others come and loot the deceased for fun and profit. I was hoping to find some nice toy pictures in this catalog. The toys only show up in the "Wish Book". I did find over 1600 pages of pure ugly.

I present the highlights from this catalog. Some of the pictures inspired stories, comments and questions. Other pictures do not need any commentary at all.

Several brand names of polyester and rayon appear in this catalog. Feel free to use them to name your children. Just remember to spell it with a "y": Fortrel, Dacron, Orlon, Estron, Avril, Acrilan, Kodel, Hockanum, Quintess and Celanese

In case you are wondering, I did research on this particular catalog and at most it is worth $2.00. I felt it was more valuable as entertainment.

Enter at your own risk.

A small plea: If you appeared in the Fall 1971 Catalog, please drop me a line at I would like to know how your modeling experience has affected you.


I am not a Sears employee. My association with Sears is as an occasional customer. I bought a car battery and a vacuum cleaner from my local store. I do walk through my local store when visiting the mall because the Sears entrance has the least crowded parking area and it is closest to the stores in the mall that I want to go to.

I am not an expert on all Sears catalogs. Please don't ask me to appraise your catalog. I am not an appraiser. I suggest you visit eBay to find a possible value for your catalog. Search "Sears Catalog" and then on the left side of the results page click on completed auctions.

I am not a child model agency. I'm sure your child or grandchild is really as cute as you say and that they would be a great model for the Sears catalog but I do not work for Sears or the model agency that Sears employs. I do not know how to get your kid into the Sears catalog. Try searching for model agencies. Do NOT send me pictures of your kids or grandkids.

I am not a search and scan service. I often get requests to find something in my catalog, scan that page and send it or simply find some information about an item that appeared in the catalog. If I have the time, I will look but I rarely have the time. If you make a request do not expect a quick answer. Although a bit of money placed in my PayPal account will buy you some time and expedite an answer.

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