Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff


A superb special occasion dish - perfect for a buffet party!

I have received complaints that this Betty Crocker thing is not as funny as the Sears Catalog project and that James Lileks did a better job with his gallery of regrettable food. I found the Lileks site hilarious. He does a better job. I suck. Happy?

Humor is not as easy as it looks. I really don't want to go the obvious route. I like to pretend that I'm creative and witty. I like to pretend that I can think of something about this card without a single reference to vomit. Perhaps a clever comment about the container? No. Maybe something about the currant covered rolls lurking menacingly in the corner? Nope, nothing there. Oh, how about the angle used to photograph the dish creating sort of an Escheresque sense of perspective? No, a bit labored. I have no other option - this dish, based on the photo, should be called Beef Barfenoff.�

Yeah, Lileks does the funny food commentary better.

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