Fondue Equipment You Should Have

Fondue Equipment You Should Have

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You have to be really into fondues and entertaining to justify owning all this equipment. You could become the "friend with the fondue equipment" that other friends can turn to for that occasion when they have a need for fondue equipment. Yes, we need to borrow your fondue pot but we're not inviting you to the party. We are throwing a small thank you party for our friend with a truck and friend that is good with computers.

Friend rankings:

  1. With truck
  2. Good with computers
  3. Owns heavy duty power tools
  4. "in the business"
  5. Wine expert
  6. Contractor
  7. has vegetable garden
  8. pet owner
  9. good with kids
  10. storehouse of trivia
  11. athletic
  12. antiques expert
  13. art expert
  14. bargain hunter
  15. gourmet cook
  16. Warren Buffet
  17. weapons expert
  18. older person with a breadth of experience (extra points if they were in the war)
  19. can sew
  20. mechanic

Friend with fondue equipment is ranked around 27.

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