Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried Chicken

"There are hundreds of delicious ways to fry chicken. To make yours truly Southern, serve it with Creamy Gravy lightly sprinkled with nutmeg"

I had to call "bullshit" on this one. I grew up in the south and my mother made Fried Chicken. It was never served with Creamy Gravy lightly sprinkled with nutmeg. Gravy would be served with the meal but the it was for the mashed potatoes and it was usually a brown gravy. Creamy Gravy without nutmeg is served on Chicken Fried Steak which is eaten with utensils, unlike Fried Chicken which is eaten with your hands. Fried Chicken is messy enough without throwing gravy on top of it.

Perhaps Fried Chicken without the Creamy Gravy lightly sprinkled with nutmeg is a uniquely Texas phenomenon. So I went to a reliable source, a newsgroup and took an informal poll. Representatives from the states of Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina responded. None of these nice folks ever had fried chicken served with Creamy Gravy lightly sprinkled with nutmeg sans mashed potatoes. One person said that they had fried chicken with Creamy Gravy on it while traveling from Illinois to Florida. The term used was Ick.

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