Bean 'N Bacon Salad

Bean 'N Bacon Salad

Something looking like this shows up at every church potluck. Everyone puts a small bit of it on their plate just to be polite. They taste it but do not make comments until they are safely at home. The comments usually involve words inappropriate for use inside a church. As if God only hangs around churches. God hears everything, including the rude things about the Bean 'N Bacon Salad. God does not mind rude comments about the salad. He thinks it is nasty too. He just wishes that the rude comments not extend to the maker of the Bean 'N Bacon Salad. That irritates God and misses the point of going to church. You are supposed to go to become a better person. Better people don't make rude comments about the person who made the nasty salad. Lucky for us less than better people God forgives and is merciful. He appreciates any effort in the direction of being less rude and is willing to help.

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