Shrimp 'N Rice Salad

Shrimp 'N Rice Salad

Crabmeat, lobster or a combination of the three seafood can be substituted for the shrimp.

This rainbow-colored salad has a delicate flavor and delightful texture - perfect for luncheon or light supper.

Sister Bertha wondered why the ladies from the synagogue did not even touch her shrimp 'n rice salad at the Interfaith Ladies Luncheon. She went all out and used all three seafoods. The ladies from her church are always raving about the delicate flavor and delightful texture of her shrimp 'n rice salad. "Why didn't any of those Jewish ladies at least try a small bite?", fumed Sister Bertha. "And why are the ladies from my church giving me such odd looks. They always enjoy having shrimp 'n rice salad at our luncheons."

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