Jellied Chicken Salad

Jellied Chicken Salad

Chicken in stasis. Some science-fiction shows depict people in stasis suspended in some vat of gelatin-like goo. I wonder if the set designers ever have the urge to garnish with parsley and tomatoes. It would be funny.

Who in their right mind would find this appetizing? Maybe this is chicken hell. The souls of evil chickens see the remnants of their earthly bodies served in an unappetizing manner. It kind of scares me and I'm not a chicken. If parts of my body was going to be served after my death, I would want it deep fried or barbequed and served at a fun event. The above salad is not served at fun events or at least the fun would be sucked out of the event once the salad arrived.

It sort of resembles a discharge from...never mind...too much information.

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