Beef Steak - Potato Scallop

Beef Steak - Potato Scallop

I once got a nasty sunburn after being outside for quite a while, painting a sign. I was burned on my neck and shoulders and the backs of my legs. I was unable to straighten my legs for about 10 days. Some blue paint spilled on to the back of one of my legs. People were really horrified at the magnitude of the burn. They thought I went beyond red, straight to blue. The blue paint stayed on for a week because it hurt too much to scrub it off. After the pain went away, the burned skin turned brown, then a couple of days after turning brown, it looked very much like this dish, without the black olives and parsley. I was peeling off sheets of skin that were the same size and color.

Use sunscreen the strongest SPF sunscreen you can find. I use 45. My skin coloring may resemble a fish belly but at least it won't turn to leather when I am old. I still need to watch out for skin cancer because of the light skin and previous sunburns.

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