Tuna Ring with Cheese Sauce

Tuna Ring with Cheese Sauce

The money spent on parsley could be better spent on making a different meal.

When asked, "What is for dinner?" mother would get very evasive. We knew it was going to be Tuna Ring with Cheese Sauce. Sometimes we would try to get a dinner invitation to a friend's house or feign illness. One summer brother broke his arm to avoid eating this stuff. The trip to the emergency room cost a lot of money and we had to do without air conditioning for a month but we did get some food from McDonalds and mother could not afford the ingredients for Tuna Ring with Cheese Sauce for two months. We thought about breaking brother's other arm but he was unwilling to make the sacrifice.

Tuna Ring with Cheese Sauce was the only thing our bulimic sister would not purge. She could not bring herself to taste it twice.

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