Sombrero Pie

Sombrero Pie

Edna brings her Sombrero Pie to every church potluck. She usually ends up taking most of it home with her. The preacher eats a little to be polite but everyone else has tasted it and found it revolting. You would think she would get the hint. It was especially embarrassing when she brought it to a potluck honoring that nice missionary couple from Mexico. She told them, "I hope this reminds you of home." The couple ate some to be polite but clearly they were repulsed. How positively scandalous, equating her awful Sombrero Pie with Mexican food. Somebody needs to tell Edna that her Sombrero Pie is not welcome to any more church potlucks. Maybe the preacher can do it. He has way with telling people bad things in a loving and kind way. As for me, I'll continue the Christian thing, lie and tell Edna how much I love her Sombrero Pie while cursing her in my heart.

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