The Young Pacesetters

Girls' Sizes 7 to 14
Some in Chubby Girls' sizes too

I'm guessing the age group is 9 to 13 years old. Heavy boys are called "husky". Sears was quite serious about limiting the choices for "chubby" girls. Not all outfits were available to those unfortunate girls. Of course, no actual "chubby" girls are used to model these clothes. And to add insult to injury, the "chubby" girl clothes are more expensive.

sears52.jpg (53626 bytes)

The extremely unflattering pants are available for chubby girls; the skirt, turtleneck and pullover are not. I do not understand the huge pointy collared shirt buttoned all the way up. Why have huge pointy collars? It just does not make sense.

sears53.jpg (35447 bytes)

Sears is really reaching here. One can wash a turd a thousand times and it will still be a turd. Actually, that is not a good metaphor because if you really did wash a turd one thousand times, it would no longer be a turd. You would be doing sewage treatment and the water at the end of the process would be suitable for human consumption. Anyhow, no amount of washing can help these coats. Note token African-American, the only one to appear in this section of the catalog.

sears54.jpg (47411 bytes)

What are they looking at? I guess the airline stewardess look was all the rage. For those keeping track: Outfits 2, 3, and 5 are available in chubby girls' sizes.

This outfit is so hideous not even Sears would display it at full size. This is actually and 1 - 1/2 in. by 1 in. photo. The chubby girl is saved because this outfit is only available in brown, orange and ecru instead of the navy with blue and gold pictured here. I don't see navy here, I am just going by the catalog description.

sears56.jpg (41793 bytes)

Four stewardesses and a peasant. Chubby girl availability: outfits 6, 8 and 10. Actual peasants never dressed that way. Real peasants dressed in ragged clothes and rarely bathed. The catalog writers got a bit lazy on this page and instead of typing Chubby girls' sizes, they shortened it to "chubbies". This is the only page and it is kind of strange since this is in the middle of the section. Maybe there was a joker in the crowd. My grandmother used to have a dish towel that looked just like the thing hanging on the blue dress, third from left. Note: token Asian-American.

sears57.jpg (46729 bytes)

Space dyed Orlon is not available for chubby girls. No bright, exciting, vibrant colors for them. The limiting of fashion choices for chubby girls may seem cruel but I do wish the makers of Spandex would observe the same limits that DuPont did when it made Orlon. Some of my trips to Wal-Mart would be less nauseating.


I reduce the size of the images after I scan them but this girl's face was so scary that I left her unreduced.

sears59.jpg (38521 bytes)

More glorious Orlon! An appearance by the creepy girl (she's the one on the bottom).

sears60.jpg (35474 bytes)

Our ancestors come from Europe, Spain specifically, and discover the Aztec civilization. So what do they do? Kill them, destroy their culture, cram Catholicism down their throats and take all the gold. The final insult is using their name to describe these ugly fashions.

sears61.jpg (37339 bytes)

Dull colors for chubby girls. Also included belts to call attention to the chubbiness.

sears62.jpg (14765 bytes)

This girl is was every school. At least in all the ones I have been in (10 total) have had a girl like this. She was nice, non-offensive, pretty smart, attractive and not mean to anyone but she had an aura about her that prevented people from wanting to get too close or spend too much time with her. She was a good playmate for those times at recess when there was no one else and when she was chosen as captain of a team she would pick the unpopular kids first but still nobody wanted to get close to her or be her best friend. Everyone liked her but only in small doses. Sometimes an adult would intervene and try to force you to spend more time or get a little bit closer but you did not want to and you could not explain to the adult what it was that repelled you. All you could do was just protest. I still cannot explain exactly what it was or why the image of the above girl caused me to remember these things.

One time I ended up at the home of one of these creepy girls. I was trapped inside for 3 hours! The experience was not too unpleasant but I felt I was in some other dimension. I cannot explain why the experience was so strange and why I did not want to have anything to do with this girl afterwards. I cannot play the board game, Life, because of this experience. It causes these flashbacks of weirdness. I never went to the girl's house again and my family moved soon afterwards. To any amateur psychologists out there, no nothing sinister happened and I am not repressing any memories of anything sinister, it was just weird. This particular girl did not look like the above model.

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