Curtains, Bedding and other Interior Disasters

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Symbols Design. I think Laurie on Trading Spaces designed something that looked like this. The bleak outside is framed by the loud geometric designed curtains. I wonder what the suicide rate was like in the 1970's.

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Exciting, imaginative prints from Sears MANY MOODS collection. Actually, it is just four moods.

Wherefore, Kinship, Paradise, Lotus. Why take mind altering drugs when you have rooms like these? Because you have a room like one of these.

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Fireproof fabric that prevents any natural sunlight from getting into the room. So many ugly things can be hidden behind Damansk curtains with Thermalgard.

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Satan's bedroom

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The only thing to survive the house fire is these damn ugly curtains. Even nice colors like light blue and pink were ugly in 1971. What was it about this decade?

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