Bedspreads Part III

scan20005.jpg (219489 bytes)

Take a nap on top of one of these spreads and wake up with some interesting dimples.

scan20006.jpg (218128 bytes)

If the beds are going to be that close together, why not get a king sized bed? How do you make a pair of beds that close together?

scan20007.jpg (254348 bytes) scan20008.jpg (261919 bytes)

Why are the kids sick all the time? Because their rooms were decorated like those pictured above. I wonder if the Scots get pissed off at non-Scots for using tartan in such a cavalier manner.

scan20009.jpg (212601 bytes)

Those are vinyl bedspreads and curtains pictured on the bottom of the left page. Vinyl bedspreads and curtains! Fetish on a budget.

scan20010.jpg (312910 bytes)

It is the demon spawn of Pippi Longstocking and Raggedy Ann adorning this room.

scan20011.jpg (189939 bytes) scan20012.jpg (277428 bytes) scan20013.jpg (206738 bytes)

For people who wanted a doll but instead got a child, nice human sized doll bedding to go with their little accessory, uh hum, girl. An actual human presence would screw up the design. No, this is just for people to look at, you cannot sleep on it, jump on it, sit on it, play on it or even touch it. You sleep on a cot in the basement.

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