The Story of Susie and Sally

Susie and Sally's relationship, like all relationships, started off well. Sally was affectionate, nurturing and quite a tiger in the bedroom. Sally was the perfect lover until Susie expressed interest in other girls. Sally was willing to do anything to avoid losing Susie's love. Eventually, Sally decided there was only one way to keep Susie to herself.

Five years later Sally was taken away and Susie's rotting corpse was found lying in their bed. It seems the stench finally got to the neighbors. It was then that all the oddities began to make sense. Sally would tell the neighbors that Susie worked strange hours and that is why she was never seen. Sometimes, Sally would temporarily use Susie's identity to keep up the appearance of her being alive.

Nobody suspected that Sally's sweet exterior served as a facade for a dark, paranoid, psycho-bitch spawned from the very depths of hell.