The Winnie the Pooh Collection

Pooh predicts three years of therapy and ten years of itchy skin for little girls wearing Punch Pink and Navy.

Pooh really ought to stick to foraging for honey. The shirt is pretty cool but the rest of the outfit constitutes child abuse.

What has that silly ol' bear designed for us now?

The little girl on the right has that "Please kill me now" expression on her face. I used to own coats with furry trim on the hood. My mother would get upset because I would run around in the cold without my hood over my head. She feared that I would catch a cold. I feared looking like a complete nimrod and scratching my face off because the damn thing made my face itch.

Pooh also cheers little white boys and little black boys modeling together. Sears acknowledges the existence of consumers of color. These outfits are pretty cool.

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