More Bedspreads

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One of the children of the damned makes her bed. If I was an evil mental hospital administrator, I would use these bedspreads for the patients suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. As an evil mental hospital administrator, I would have the cords altered so that they are not completely parallel before giving the bedspreads to the OCD patients.

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It's everywhere! The bedspread, the drapes, the table covers! The fungus is all over this room. If enough acid is dropped, the orange version of this pattern could be quite fun.

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CorelDraw has a texture similar to the pattern on the lower right. It is called 1000 Lakes. Sears decided that these patterns did not need repeating on the drapes or table covers.

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Ugly imported from Italy

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Louis Armstrong once said that he considered all music to be folk music because only folks make music.

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For those cannot cannot get enough shag, there is a shag bedspread and shag edged curtains. Shagadelic!

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