One could get out of wearing the hideous fashions that Sears tried to sell by making your own clothes. Wrong! Sears made sure everyone wore ugly clothes.

sears122.jpg (344327 bytes)

The new realism in fake fur. Who did they think they were fooling?

sears123.jpg (66705 bytes)

Check out the room in the upper left hand corner. Rowr! All that is needed to complete the scene is an overweight, balding, hairy man in bikini briefs laying on the bed.

Could not find one in briefs but this should fit the bill.

sears124.jpg (338330 bytes)

I have had dreams about the woman in blue.

sears125.jpg (368198 bytes)

It looks like vinyl, it will always look like vinyl, there is nothing one can do make vinyl look like leather. What species of reptile was Sears trying to replicate?

sears126.jpg (370324 bytes) sears127.jpg (374583 bytes) sears128.jpg (329917 bytes) sears129.jpg (357448 bytes)

Now I know where people with GeoCities websites get their backgrounds.

sears130.jpg (78845 bytes)

It is the creepy girl.

sears131.jpg (88985 bytes)

Turbo Acrylic - Whoom!

sears132.jpg (63259 bytes)

Corduroy Abuse

sears133.jpg (372368 bytes) sears135.jpg (484674 bytes)sears136.jpg (435463 bytes) sears134.jpg (77741 bytes)

Punishment fabrics.

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