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I had a very upset stomach while ripping these pages out of the catalog. None of these images did anything to help settle my stomach. The bed spreads are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to visual assault. The surrounding sets are just as visually brutal.

I don't believe that any adult decorated a real bedroom exactly like the ones in the catalog. Maybe a guest room but not the master bedroom.

The ugly bed spreads did affect the birth rates in the United States. In 1971 the birth rate was 17.2, in 1972 - 15.6, in 1973 - 14.9. The catalog was published in the fall of 1971, the ugly bedspreads could have arrived in homes as early as December 1971. More likely, early 1972. It would have to be completely dark in order to have sex on a bed with one of those awful bed spreads on it. That limited the window of opportunity for conception.*

*I know a variety of factors affect birth rates and the decrease is not that significant. Just go with the joke.

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I think I have seen the bedspread on the upper right in reality. Then again, it could be a flashback or a bad memory. The brain blocks certain memories for a reason. I will allow my brain to keep the memory of that bedspread buried.

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