Put On Shop

Jerry, the forgotten member of the Partridge Family. He was thrown out over creative differences with Danny. Also, bubblegum pop had no place for a saxophone player.

My favorite episode of The Partridge Family is when the family was sent to a Temptations booking and The Temptations were sent to a Partridge Family booking. If I had tickets to the Temptations show I would have been seriously pissed if they were replaced by the Partridge Family.

Anyway, some Black Panthers taught Keith's lily white ass some soul and the people with the Temptations tickets were happy with the performance.

This episode illustrates the difference between TV and reality. If the above incident happened in reality, there would have been rioting and at least one dead Partridge.

This whole scene looks like the sizing up of a blind date times three. Two of the couples seem pleased. The white boy on the far left is a bit nervous but as the saying goes, "Once you have had black, you never go back."

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