Alternate Dimensions and Ancient Technology

In physics, there is a theory about alternate dimensions. Every decision we make, the opposite decision is played out in an alternate timeline. In 1971, Sears gave us a glimpse into an alternate dimension.

sears176.jpg (293339 bytes)

A dimension where Liberace is not a flamboyant piano player but rather a plain blue collar working Joe. Maybe this Liberace played piano but he did not have the showmanship of our Liberace. Probably went by Wladziu (Polish for Walter) or even plain Walt.

Our Liberace in the King Neptune costume.

Our Liberace wearing something relatively understated to avoid outdoing the piano. The pictures are from The Liberace Foundation

Ancient Technologies

I have observed that when people see an 8 track player or tapes, they point and giggle, snicker, or even laugh heartily. Actually, what makes most people laugh is the prices that others put on 8 tracks at garage sales. It almost makes me feel sorry for the poor things (the 8 tracks not the idiots trying to sell them at ridiculous prices). They used to be the state of the art technology and now they have been reduced to being fodder for humor. Here are some 8 track players in their full high tech glory.

sears177.jpg (378078 bytes)sears178.jpg (355440 bytes)

The player in the middle of the first page has 22% more music power than the player to its left.

8 track tapes are NOT collectibles.

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