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Old Spanish Look in distressed pecan finish.

  • Multi-dimensional carved-look panels of simulated wood... resist warping, scratches and wear
  • Full-figured pecan veneer top and side surfaces have clear, deep amber finish.

Not even a room full of monkeys and typewriters could produce copy like that.

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I find myself incapable of commenting on this page without making a reference to any aspect of the sex industry. Hemmingway could not describe this page without mentioning the sex industry. I wonder if Sears offered quantity discounts to people who had several bedrooms to furnish. People, like the madam of a whorehouse. There I said it.

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Country Spanish Style. Mellow leather-look vinyl covers button-tufted seats and backs...carved wood base rails and legs. Item F is called a Hexagonal Commode.

This is the kind of vinyl that makes funny noises every time you move.

Spain has a very rich art and architectural heritage. Nothing like anything that appears in this catalog.

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