Celebrity Models

Sears employed Bob Griese, Gale Sayers and Tom Seaver as models to show off their glorious KNITS. Football and Baseball were the only professional sports worthy of having representatives model the glorious KNITS.

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They wear the latest patterns in KNITS. They move in comfort in KNITS.

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Like Bob Griese, Tom Seaver and Gale Sayers you can be wrinkle free in KNITS. You won't have any of their athletic ability but you will be wrinkle free in our glorious KNITS.

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You can look great in KNITS. You can travel in comfort in KNITS.

KNITS, the greatest, most holy and high fabric. KNITS, the solution to hunger and war. Professional athletes love KNITS and you will love KNITS, too! OR ELSE!

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