Even More Draperies

I scan these pages in order. I don't know why Sears places a section on cushions in the middle of the drapery section. If I were a catalog designer I would understand.

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Even as late as 1971, it was considered standard practice that the woman stays at home while the man works outside the home. Under that system it would make sense that window treatments and other home decor be all frilly and "girly". But the husband has to come home sometime. Shouldn't the home decor be pleasing to him as well? These window treatments are too frilly for gay men.

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There were curtains like this in one of the houses I lived in as a kid. The cat loved the pom-poms that decorated the edges. The pom-poms were soft and moved around when the cat batted at them. The cat would get in trouble for attempting to get at the pom-poms at the higher levels of the curtain. If one were to design curtains specifically for cats this is what they would look like. Try not to look at the floor and the curtains at the same time.

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It is no longer counter-culture when it shows up in the Sears catalog.

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What is that outside?

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Problem: the view through your windows is horrible. For example, an elderly, overweight neighbor who is into nudism. Solution: window treatments so ugly that one's eyes are averted from the windows but still lets in light.

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Every time I look out this window I see Kermit the Frog.

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