The Children's Shop

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Where on earth does one take a little boy dressed in one of those outfits? Were there bars and discotheques for little boys and girls?

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10 suits, 10 bars, nobody can tell it is the same suit.

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I used to wear Toughskins. I would change into them before a spanking because I thought they would provide extra protection against the pain. I made the mistake of mentioning this to my mother and that only made her hit harder.

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All the boys in this catalog appear to have huge feet. I think someone superimposed someone else's foot on the end of this boy's leg.

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Machine washable coats wrapped in the lushness of pile.

Something I do not understand is short skirts and heavy coats. Wouldn't the legs freeze?

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Furniture, carpet, wallpaper and appliances were also sold in the same colors as the clothes. I wonder how many parents lost track of their children because they blended into the household environment?

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Well-behaved PERMA-PREST Dresses...feminine frills and tailoring details make them extra special. Sears made these dresses well-behaved through an application of loving discipline and the threat of being worn by ugly little girls.

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