The Little Sears

Versatile snowsuit to use up to 24 months. These suits have a string so that you can throw your baby over back and carry it. Cover the face and you have an instant sensory deprivation chamber for your little one. It is perfectly healthy for a baby not to have any stimulation once in a while. A suit like this makes it easier for passersby to pick your baby out of the garbage. Also, it keeps the baby and garbage from contaminating each other.

Babies from the planet Remulac!

More tactile deprivation suits. None of these toddlers look very happy wearing these suits. I have a lot of pity for the child in yellow. She looks especially unhappy. Note the instant face covering in the small inset picture. Those snowsuits were down right cruel.

We are two wild and crazy guys!!

The fine folks at Fark.Com have had some PhotoShop fun with these boys.

These are four of the ugliest toddlers I have ever seen in print. I have seen uglier in person. It is okay to scream at a picture of ugly toddlers but it is rude to scream at an ugly toddler in person. Especially when the toddler's keeper is nearby and much bigger than you. Parents do not appreciate strangers vocally expressing revulsion at their ugly spawn. If you are repulsed by the sight of an ugly toddler it is best to express your revulsion in a discreet manner.

Right: She is certainly an interesting child.

Wrong: God Bless America! That is the butt ugliest child I have ever seen in my entire life!

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