Must NOT have accessories

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The full page. None of these accessories appear anywhere else in the catalog.

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Includes instructions: worn at the head for a great look.

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On its way to becoming a classic. Nostradamus did not work at Sears.

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Buy it all and save a buck or wait for your grandmother to knit this stuff for free.

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This hat will top off many fashionable outfits that were purchased from other stores. That hat does not go with anything in the catalog.

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Hand-fringed stole says you understand today's look. Little children in third world countries were paid 1 cent a day to hand fringe that stole. Today those little children are dead because of the horrible work conditions but at least we understand today's look.

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Grandmothers from Korea hand crocheted this stole. Why couldn't Sears use American grandmothers! American grandmothers built airplanes, tanks, ships and kept the nation going while the men were off to war. What a slap in the face of American grandmothers! My grandmother could out crochet a 1000 Korean grandmothers! God Bless the grandmothers of America - keep knitting and crocheting for freedom!

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Bondage for the budget minded by Sears. For some reason the typesetter had trouble lining columns of text with columns of pictures. The dog collar description shows a spark of humor.

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Another accessory to show that one understands today's fashions. A Spanish style article clothing made in Taiwan.

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