Baggage screeners at airports rip their eyes out when they see this luggage. For some reason the thought of terrorists using the flower luggage is just funny. I just have this picture of Middle Eastern men discussing luggage selection.

"No, Buhbha! I will not be seen carrying that suitcase! It is a ladies suitcase! Just look at all the flowers!"

"Ah, c'mon, Bahb! It was on sale and it is light weight and the screeners will not suspect a thing because it is a ladies suitcase"

"I think the screeners will become suspicious if a man is carrying a ladies suitcase"

"No way, most airport screeners are stupid"

"When, I die, Buhbha, you will tell everyone I was not a sissy just because I was carrying a suitcase with a loud floral pattern"

"I promise, Bahb, I will make sure nobody thinks you are a sissy."

If Homeland Security is reading this page, I would like to assure them that I do not condone terrorism, I know that 99% of Middle Eastern men are peaceful, law abiding people, I do not know how to make a bomb, and that the scene described above is just a joke. I am in no way connected to Al Queda or any other terrorist organization. I am just a slightly above average American woman with the ability to see humor in unusual places.

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