Sports, Leisure and Exercise

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Item 5 is supposed to be a hunting outfit for a boy. I think the boy modeling the outfit is really a small woman.

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Can you spot the flaw with item 21?

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Are game animals color blind? If they are, then they are lucky. UPDATE: Deer are colorblind.

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Is the word "space-age" used anymore? Interactive and multi-media have replaced space-age as the advertising cliche that symbolizes the future.

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The shotgun shells are color-coded but displayed in black and white. I like the schematics. It is good that the duck decoys are waterproof. A non-waterproof decoy would arouse the suspicion of the ducks. Using duck decoys for deer hunting would confuse the deer.

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You thought vinyl jogging suits were an urban legend.

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Two comic strips came to mind when viewing this page. The first one was Bloom County. Opus was trying to expand his chest, his feathers got caught in the springs and then his chest feathers were ripped out. He was forced to wear a large chest band-aid. The second one was a Far Side panel. A guy bumped his head on top of a doorway after one attempt with a home chin up bar. I am glad that exercise clothing has become more colorful.

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A nice floral pattern for the ladies.

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Buddy Young football outfit.

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