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I will get through this rug section without making a single reference to Austin Powers. Oh damn.

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Someone at Sears suggested 5 tone shag but that was too much and that person was fired.

After scanning these pages I reduce the size of the images. They start out at over 2000 x 2000 pixels. I reduce them to about 700 x 700 pixels. At the original size I can only see a portion of the image on my monitor. The above is what I saw after scanning the 4 tone shag rug page. The image above immediately reminded me of scrambled eggs served at 2:30 am at the Waffle House in Ft. Worth, Texas. The Waffle House was crowded because the bars close at 2:00 am. A waitress and cook were having a screaming match and throwing things. Some dirty dish water splashed on to my eggs after the angry waitress threw a dish in the sink. The cook was kind enough to give me a new helping of eggs but I wasn't hungry anymore. The waitress stormed out. The manager showed up to fill in for the missing waitress. The point of this story is to demonstrate my kindness in not displaying the images at full size.

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For those who did not desire the extravagance of four tone shag Sears offered two tone shag. A trend is no longer hip, funky and edgy when it hits the Sears catalog. Has anyone ever seen a "Go" road sign?

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What are these rugs doing in this Sears catalog? These are nice looking rugs and most of the colors are non-offensive.

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There does not seem to be any rhyme nor reason to the number/ color assignments.

  • 3: majestic blue
  • 6: burgundy
  • 1: lime green
  • 20: geranium pink
  • 18: bronze olive
  • 5: orchid
  • 2: canary yellow
  • 911: Avocado Leaf dark
  • 19: burnt orange
  • 25: turquoise
  • 941: Winter White
  • 602: Indian Orange
  • 4: French blue
  • 29: Spanish gold
  • 641: Fiesta Red
  • 944: Ebony

I guess somebody at Sears felt that it was important to introduce a bit of chaos to middle class suburban America.

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