Interiors and Toilets

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"Instant Architorture"  If I was on "Trading Spaces" this would be my nightmare. My neighbors, with the help of professionals, doing this to my house.

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Fixture 3 is snazzy enough to be in Derek Flint's apartment. It would not fit with the rustic look from above.

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10 YEAR WARRANTY!!! Wow! Let's see WalMart try to beat that! That is the sad thing about the emergence of WalMart. Sure, things are inexpensive but there is no pride or workmanship. I cannot think of anything from WalMart guaranteed to last 10 years.

I am glad that the funny dragon is no longer in fashion. I really hated the funny dragon. Most dragons hated the funny pink dragon.

We tried to replace our toilet seat. Now that we own our home, we decided to splurge on a nice seat instead of the cheapest. We found one that was padded and had a rubber duck on it. It was fun, it was round, it did not fit. Our toilet is oval. For some unknown reason, toilet seat manufacturers, at least those who distribute to WalMart, do not make fun oval seats. No fun is for the round only. This might require a trip to a decent home and hardware store. Perhaps at Lowe's or Home Depot or maybe even at Sears we can find the toilet seat of our dreams.

Just realized that after all this scanning and commentary, I have not bought anything from Sears.

UPDATE: We settled on a white toilet seat with chrome fittings because nobody stocks funs toilet seats for oval bowls. It looks very nice. Also, we bought a vacuum cleaner from Sears. A Dirt Devil.

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Those who do not have "Air-O-Magic" simply have to light a match.

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