Sears Shelving Center

The objects on the shelves are much more interesting than the shelves themselves.

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True magazine is on the bottom shelf. The figurines on the top shelf are scary Krofft type characters.

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When I was growing up we had the same model shelves. Based on personal experience, each shelf does not hold up to 300 pounds.

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The same objects will appear again and again. The blue maracas, bongos and some strange blue container are part of the decor.

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It seems rather pointless to have such empty looking shelves. I cannot wrap my mind around the idea of only two or three objects on a shelf. Maybe it is the way I view shelves: A way to keep stuff off the floor.

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Every house in 1971 was required to have a set of bongos.

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This page has everything: kitsch, scary things looking out of cabinets, vintage toys, sports equipment that is laying around too neatly, trophies (bowling and baseball), magazines, the strange blue container, bongos and maracas.

Plastic horses

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Magazines: Sports Illustrated, Time, Life, Golf Digest and a unknown. Cheap looking Peanuts figurines, bowling and baseball trophies and a jar and dish of some unknown substance - not sure if it is edible.

Evil Linus peaks from behind the books. Raggedy Ann sits up with no visible means of support.

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No bongos or maracas here.

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I'm having trouble thinking of something to write. Maybe shaking those maracas will help the creative juices flow!

The scary Krofft like figures

Please help me identify the albums.

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