Furnishings from Sears in real life

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People have shared memories of things that they have seen on this site. Yes, actual people wore the clothes and some of this furniture ended up in actual homes.

Until 1979, my family ate dinner and celebrated birthdays at the yellow version of the table and chairs pictured to the right.

Below is photographic evidence.

chairb.jpg (372091 bytes)

This is from February 1976. I had a couple of bad hair decades.

chaira.jpg (374578 bytes)

This is from December 1976. In a different house. Same table.

chairc.jpg (321394 bytes)

This is from February 1978. Same house, same table, hair not much better. When children experience a growth spurt most people assume that the spurt is proportional. That was not the case with me or my siblings. Individual body parts grew in spurts. In 1975 it was my hands. In 1977 it was my arms. Eventually, everything did end up in the right proportion.

My parents divorced in 1979. I don't recall seeing the dining room set after we moved out of the house pictured in 1978.

Bill Griffith is right, the 1970's is the decade that everyone is trying to deny ever happening.