More Draperies

sears311.jpg (405722 bytes)

The Taliban window treatment. Cover most of the window except for a small square. Something seems off about the scenery outside the window.

sears312.jpg (388896 bytes)

Classic nub-textured draperies. Were nub-textured draperies ever classic? The texture encourages one to touch but you are not supposed to touch the drapes. What a dilemma.

sears313.jpg (459547 bytes)

The ugly starts at the floor and works itself up the window.

sears314.jpg (323294 bytes)

Hey, it's the drapes from Blacula's house! Blacula was a cheesy movie but William Marshall played it well despite the cheesiness. Man, he had a great voice.

sears315.jpg (369424 bytes)

Or should it be our finest Antique Satan? What is it with the blood red curtains?

sears316.jpg (387168 bytes)

Squares, circles and triangles are so modern. They would go great in this room...

sears302.jpg (412025 bytes)

The next set of curtains are something very unusual in the 1971 Sears Catalog...

sears317.jpg (393697 bytes)

Neutral colors. This page was placed here to cleanse your visual pallet because when you turned the page your eyes were assaulted by this...

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