More Furniture

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Cotton flower power in French provincial style. One piece of furniture that insults both the hippies and the French.

Uncomfortable couch becomes an uncomfortable bed.

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Handsome Sofa Beds styled to sleep two in comfort. Only one of the sofa beds is handsome; two of them would need a couple of drinks before being considered handsome; for two of the sofa beds, it's hopeless.

All of these sofa beds are treated with Scotch-Guard to resist stains. How would one know if sofa E and sofa 7 have been stained. Sofa 7 looks as if several people vomited on it and then it was treated with Scotch-Guard.

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Sculpted Danish Modern style. A blend of big, bold prints and soft, muted tweeds in 4 color combinations... intriguing walnut-finished hardwood frames, tables with mar-resistant tops.

First Spain, then France and now Denmark gets to have a design style completely ruined by Sears.